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Saturday 4th October 08, 14:21
Over a year ago, the original idea for Flashare was born. It didn't have a name or a design, just the idea to create a site which rewards the creativity and talent of Flash developers.

Now, in 2008, after many changes of design and coding, the final version of Flashare is born.

The site is now using the Smarty template engine, allowing for the design and application layers of the website to be completely separated. Any number of completely different site designs can be switched between without having to touch the PHP code.

This new version of the site brings a new template, built from scratch, which aims to streamline content into manageable sections, such as the new 'helpers' to the right which display content relevant to the current page.

We hope to get this new version of the site completed as soon as possible, so keep checking back.
Saturday 4th October 08, 17:34
Cool... first reply.
Saturday 4th October 08, 20:45

This is the first ever comment posted using the new forums reply system.
Saturday 4th October 08, 22:29
Looking good so far, it's an honour to see my games on here. Ok, that's enough pretending to be MouseBreaker for me.
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